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1)   Children will adhere to uniform guidelines included in our
       enrolment package.
2)   Ears are the only acceptable body piercing  studs only (unless need
       to wear sleepers for medical reasons).
3)   No coloured nail polish or makeup to be worn or tattoo visible.
4)   Watches and Medic Alert tags, ear studs/sleepers or significant
       family jewellery (taonga) is all that  will be accepted.
5)   Hair should be of a natural colour and style.
6)   Long hair to be clipped or fastened with plain hair ties off the face
       for both boys and girls.
7)   If visible thermal underwear must be red, white or blue.
8)   Sports shoes must be worn for regular physical activity.
9)   Sports uniforms for representation of the school will be supplied
      by the school and worn only at that occasion and then be returned
      on the same day.
10) Any disputes as to interpretation of these guidelines and uniform
       will firstly be dealt with by the classroom teacher and then
       referred to the Principal if dispute continues.
11) Safety vests are to be worn to and from school and on school
       trips. Temuka Primary School will supply vests until supplies are
       depleted and then vests will be made available to purchase from
       the school.

~ Navy knit shorts with logo
~ Red Polo Top with logo (short sleeve)
~ Red skivvy
~ Red Knit sweatshirt with logo
~ Red Polar Fleece Sweatshirt with logo
~ Navy Taslon Trackpants with school logo
~ Navy Knit Trackpants with school logo
~ Checked Blue/Red Skirt or Culottes for girls
~ Navy tights for girls
~ Navy or white socks
~ Black or Navy shoes or appropriate sports shoes (laced, velcro or buckled)
~ Sports Shoes - running shoes must be laced up or valcro - no skate shoes, no boots, no canvas slip-ons,
   no crocs, no ballet flats, no jandals
~ Navy Sun Hat with logo optional (terms 1 & 4 only) as per our School's Sun Smart Prrocedure. No caps.
~ School Navy Knit Beanie  (terms 2 & 3 only) – optional
~ High visibililty vest (yellow)

Sun Hats
As we are a Sun Smart School we actively encourage all our staff and children to wear sun hats. I respectfully ask that if you as parents come to school to join us in outside assemblies, sports days etc. that you too wear your hat. Children learn by adult role modelling and what better way for them to develop Sun Smart habits but to see their parents, teachers and adults looking after themselves by sporting a sun hat. Many thanks for your assistance! Together we will make a difference!


Students will be issued with a high visibility vest shortly after they commence school.  These must be worn to and from school and during off-site visits as well.  Vests are presently supplied free of charge, however, if lost a $20 replacement fee will apply.

School Uniform Price List as at January 2016
  Size 4-6   
Size 5-7
Sizes 8+ All Sizes
Red Polar Fleece Sweatshirt: - $45.00 
$47.00 -
Navy Trackpants with motif: - $31.00
$34.00 -
Microfibre pants with motif: - - - $46.00  
Navy Knit Shorts with motif (100% Cotton Rugby):  
$30.00 -
Short Sleeve Top (with logo, red):
$28.00 - $30.00 -
Checked Skirt or Culottes: - - - $49.00
Sun Hats (Navy bucket style with logo): $18.00 - - -
Beanie (50% wool/50% acrylic, navy):
$10.00 - - -

 Temuka Primary School Uniform Procedure 2013- Uniform Procedure 2018