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Internet Safety

All students will:
Only have access to ‘kid safe’ search engines (like Google) and use bookmarks approved by the teacher.

Be required to sign a class based ‘Student Use Agreement’ at the beginning of each year which says they understand the responsibility of using the internet.

Use the network and internet in a legitimate and acceptable manner.

Not use the network and internet in an unacceptable manner by -
~ Purchasing products.
~ Register for competitions not authorised by the school.
~ Download or copy software, graphics, or files owned by others or which is in
    violation of copyright laws.
~ Join or using unauthorised chat rooms and use personal web mail accounts
   without teacher supervision.

Follow the safety rules set out below
~ Do not damage or delete other students work.
~ Be polite, considerate and respectful in all communications.
~ Do not access, send or display obscene, offensive or vulgar messages or
   graphic images.
~ Never reveal you own our other’s full name, address or phone number.
~ Be aware of others who are waiting or who also need to use ICT equipment.
~ Always check with the teacher before sending or opening e-mails.

All parents/caregivers
(upon enrolment) will: 
Read and agree to the Internet Safety Guidelines and Rules Procedure of Temuka Primary School.  Sign their agreement on the enrolment forms.
Indicate (on enrolment forms) their consent to their child’s first and last name, photograph or work being published on the internet or in school publications.

All staff will:
~ Use the network, internet and equipment in a legitimate and acceptable manner.
~ Know that the school has the right to audit at any time any material or equipment that is owned or leased by the school. The school may also request permission to audit privately owned ICT devices/equipment used on the school site or any other school related activity.
~ Explicitly plan and teach cyber safety in relevant contexts.
~ Ensure that children understand these guidelines and sign the class
    agreement at the start of each year (or upon enrolment).

A well equipped library provides a valuable asset for the school.
It includes a computer information section and is connected to the Internet.
Internet Safety Guidelines
Internet Safety Guidelines 2013