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Enrolment Procedure

Children can begin school on their 5th birthday. It is a good idea to enrol your child before his/her fifth birthday – this helps the school to properly plan for pupils.

To enrol

1) Download a form on the right.

2) Contact the school office.  For New Entrants please bring verification of date of birth and Immunisation Certificate or Plunket Book.

3) If your child attends Rhona Day Kindergarten or Rata Kindergarten he/she will be brought to school for a familiarisation visit prior to turning five.

4) For children attending other pre-schools, or for those who are not at a pre-school, a familiarisation visit can be arranged by phoning the school office.

5) Each Wednesday morning from 9.00 – 10.00 a.m. pre-school visits can be made to Room 5. This is known as 'Caterpillar Club'.  Parents are welcome to bring along their child, who is about to commence school, as this is an opportunity to familiarise both the child and parent with our school procedures.

6) To help keep our register of New Entrants up to date, please notify the school office of your child’s name and date of birth at any time prior to their turning five.

Enrolment Forms
Enrolment form
Information Booklets
Information Book