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General Information

Adventure Playgrounds
The school has three separate adventure playground areas, each designated for a Syndicate group.

The school provides a service for children to do banking.  Each Friday there is the opportunity to bank through the ASB.  Details are available on enrolment, or through the school office.

Temuka Primary School has a zero tolerance attitude to any form of bullying. All issues brought to our attention are dealt with and investigated to ensure all relevant facts are known. Action varies depending on the severity and type of each case.  School Council members’ act as pupil mentors in the playground or a back-up to teacher supervision. Programmes to assist pupil self esteem also form part of each year’s programme.

Clothing and Private Property
Please note that neither the teachers nor the Board of Trustees are responsible for the loss of a child’s valuables and/or clothing - Please name all  clothing clearly.   We strongly discourage children from bringing valuable items to school.   Unclaimed clothing is put in the lost property box which is situated in the medical room beside the main office.

From time to time unfortunate situations arise.  If you have a complaint the     accepted procedure is –
(1)    Contact the person concerned to discuss issue
(2)    Contact the Principal – fill in a Concern Referral Form.
(3)    Your concern will be fully investigated by the Principal
To ensure issues are dealt with fairly this procedure needs to be worked     through in order.
Please Note – Issues pertaining to a particular child will only be discussed with the parents/caregivers (Privacy).

Each classroom is equipped with four computers, a digital camera and a data projector. The school is part of an ICT contract (Information Computer Technology) intended to up-skill our staff for the benefit of all pupils.

Contact with Teachers/Principal
Teachers are always willing to talk to parents about their children, but this is best done at a suitable time.  If you have a question, or a concern to discuss with a teacher, please phone and arrange a mutually acceptable time.  If you wish to discuss any matter with the Principal please check with the office staff for an appointment.

The Curriculum at Temuka Primary School incorporates all the requirements of the National Education Syllabuses.  The children are taught Reading, Spelling, Handwriting, Oral Language, Written Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health and Safety, Music, Physical Education, Art and Craft, Taha Maori and Technology and Education Outside the Classroom.

To enhance the education opportunities of the pupils we also offer a Reading Recovery Programme for six year olds identified as needing a boost, a one-to-one tutoring programme for selected pupils and out-of-class tutoring in Music.  Bible in Schools is also conducted by qualified personnel representing many denominations.

The school is well resourced with equipment and aids to assist with the various class and school programmes. These resources are regularly up-dated and replaced as required. All teachers are encouraged to regularly update their curriculum knowledge and techniques so that they can assist the pupils to gain optimum value from the programmes provided.

All classes participate in opportunities for education outside the classroom. A special feature is bi-annual camps for Year 5&6 pupils.  We also have skating and skiing trips for he entire school. The local environment is used as much as possible to assist in the education of the pupils.

The school hall is used for a variety of school activities.

Should a child become ill or have an accident at school the child will be made comfortable in the school sick bay. Where necessary contact will be made with the parents or the listed emergency contact person. Medical attention will be obtained, if necessary, in an emergency. The school needs to keep an accurate list of emergency contact numbers - please advise the School Office if your circumstances change

Some personal medication is held in the Medical Room for children (e.g. for asthmatics, Bee stings etc.) The administering of these will be overseen by our office staff. A signed consent form is required for this.

School newsletters are sent home with the eldest student in the family, every second Tuesday. Read more...

Pupil Absences
The school is responsible for ensuring the safety of all pupils.  When your child is absent for any reason you must inform the school office by telephone, 615 7178, email (office@temukaprimary.school.nz)  or text message 027 322 2935 by 9.10 a.m stating the reason for absence.  If desired, direct contact with the class teacher can also be made.  From time to time children contract contagious illnesses which require time away from school.  Check with your doctor or the school office to confirm the time required.

Reporting to Parents
Regular reporting to parents on pupil progress is carried out both in parent/    teacher interviews and in written form.  These are formal occasions, but should   you wish to discuss your child’s progress with the class teacher at any time, refer to the section above for the best procedure.

Safety Vests
New children are issued with a safety vest – these have been donated by Fonterra.  Children are to wear their vest on the way to and from school – we aim to keep your children as safe as possible at all times.  There is no cost for the vest, however, there will be a replacement cost of $20 if the vest is lost or damaged.

School Council
Each year a School Council consisting of Year 6 pupils is selected. There are six councillors who meet monthly with the Principal to work through issues relating to the pupils and for enhancing the school. School councillors carry a major leadership role and their input has proven extremely valuable for the school.

School Hours

Classes are in action from 9 am to 12.30 pm and from 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm. Morning interval is from 10.00 am to 10.20 am.  There is a short break from 11.30 – 11.45 for Fit and Fruit. The school grounds are open for pupils at 8.25 am. Pupils are expected to vacate the grounds by 3.30 p.m.

School Office

The school office and reception area is located inside the front door of the two-storied section of the main block.  The office is staffed daily from 8:30 - 4:00.

School Physical Environment
The grounds of the school are most attractive.  Featuring well designed play areas and surrounded by trees, shrubs and garden plots.  The pupils and staff have a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment in which to work.
The Temuka Domain, camping ground, swimming pool and sports fields are adjacent to the school and are made good use of by the school.

Specialist Services available to the School
Health Nurse - Visits the school each Wednesday.  During her visits she regularly checks the New Entrant pupils & assesses any other health referrals.
Dental Nurse - The Dental Nurses have a programme of regular dental checks for all pupils and pre-school children.  In an emergency the Dental Nurse can be contacted by phoning 0800 846 983
Speech Therapist - A speech therapy clinic is conducted at school.  The Speech Therapist’s room is situated next to the school hall.  Children can be referred to the therapist by class teachers or parents. Should you have a concern about your child’s speech please do not hesitate to discuss it with the class teacher or speech therapist.
Special Education Service - Through this Timaru based service we have access to psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and itinerant teachers for special needs pupils.

Swimming Pool
A heated learner’s pool, fully equipped with swimming aids is situated adjacent to the main grass playing field.  Full use is made of this pool, for all pupils, during the warmer months.  Older students swim at the Domain Pool.

Travel to and from School
Bus enquiries should be directed to our Deputy Principal, Jane Fuller.
If your child rides a bike to school please ensure that the bike is roadworthy and that the child fully understands the road code and wears an approved cycle helmet. 
The school recommends that children below Year 4 should not ride a bike to school unless accompanied by an adult.

Tutoring for Pupils With Specific Needs
Pupils who are identified as having needs requiring one-to-one tutoring in curriculum areas are assisted by a Teachers’ Aide who works in conjunction with the Class Teacher. Assistance is provided in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics and other areas as required. Arrangements are also made to provide suitable programmes for children who are very able and need to be extended.